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Christian Finance - An Overview

What is Christian FinanceBy []Martin Lukac
Christian Finance is a Biblically based concept to help teach believers their stewardship duties and to be a responsible Christian investor with their money. They teach Christian financial principles such as goals, budgeting, debt elimination, saving, financial management, tithing, and giving.

Why should a Christian investor consider having a Christian finance and hiring a Christian Financial service professional?

Having your finances managed by a Christian Finance professional that understands and applies Biblical truths can help you become a better and more effective steward with God's resources. The main reason is because the investor and advisor are both Christians, they share similar values. The advisor understands Biblical principles such as tithing, budgeting, debt reduction, saving, investing and giving. After the initial interview process of numerous financial related questions, the financial advisor can identify areas of improvement for the client.

Having your Christian finances managed by a financial professional that utilizes Biblical truths can give you a peace-of-mind with your finances. If you are in debt and can only make minimum monthly payments, the last thing you need is another loan. What you need is someone to help - you need a debt management program and that's exactly the right moment to go in for Christian Finance. The debt management programs pairs you with a Debt Repayment Representative who will work with you and your creditors to lower your interest rates, reduce late fees, and bring your accounts up to date. You will begin making one lower monthly payment and pay off your debts years sooner than on your own. People involved in debt management companies typically pay off their debts in just 3-6 years!

To have a good Christian Finance record and program, it is necessary to have a good Christian Counsel. To find a good counsel there are two important areas to consider.

1.The first is how they are compensated. It is very difficult to receive unbiased advice from someone who is trying to sell a financial product. So, an obvious limitation that Christians should easily recognize is whether the people giving them Christian Finance advice are actually giving wise advice or just a sales pitch. It is always recommended to seek a fee-only financial planner or investment advisor that is also a believer of Christ.

2.The second part is to find Christian Finance counselors with like minds, attitudes and principles. Many financial advisors who profess to be Christians live lifestyle that are far from Christ-like. Likewise there are those who are very good Christians, but they have no knowledge or wisdom concerning the biblical principles of finance

The best method for locating good Christian Finance counsel is from other Christians who have received similar help or consultation in the past. This could be fellow church attendees, pastors, or Christian businesspeople. Additionally, this type of information could perhaps be found at Christian professional associations, societies, and organizations, both locally and nationally.
Without a doubt, good Christian Finance counsel is available for all who seek such counsel. But prayer, wisdom, and caution must be foremost in order to select the most qualified counselors and those whose lives and expertise conform to God's will for the lives of the counselees. provides []Christian mortgage quote and []Christian debt consolidation financial marketplace which connects consumers with finance lenders who will help you develop a solid financial plan for your home. For more information please visit []What is Christian Finance
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An Intesresting Article On Christian Financial Freedom

How to Have Christian Financial Freedom Away From Religious Hype and ScamsBy []Hans Monsma
Christian Financial Freedom requires you to know the truth about prayer. I am a normal dude without any specific theological training, but was burdened by the blinding lies some pulpits spread. I make my income from Search Engine Optimization and Internet affiliate marketing, all from my home business, on a single computer.

Religion and Internet Affiliate Marketing are Fraught with Hype and ScamsBoth, modern religions and internet marketing which is the biggest global market of the new world are crowded with hype and scams. There are many good things in both, but you have to find these to be successful in either of them. Don't fall for the scams and hype or you are going to be the looser. I made it my business to find the truth in both, with Christianity being the priority. I feel as a Christian that my Home Business Income is totally dependent upon my knowing the truth in both, not in one only.

My search took me to many places besides the Word. The kernel of my research was to find the truth about both which would include discovering the true meaning of the biblical verses from which the following phrases were taken:My people perish for the lack of knowledge.Seek the Kingdom and all things will be added onto you.How do I know God's will for my life? I want to make money, is this God's will?What so ever you ask the father in my name you shall have.
My research came to an abrupt halt when I read James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask God that giveth to all men liberally etc., this coupled to the knowledge that Jesus left us a counsellor when He went to be with the Father in heaven told opened my eyes. I have not read in the word that He giveth money liberally, or for that matter cars or houses. He also tells you who to look after, the widows and orphans and your spiritual teacher.

So what went wrong? I am a normal working guy, doing my best to live as a follower of The Word, Jesus.When I began to "test all things" in my happy clappy church, and seek the truth, I discovered a turmoil starting in my spirit. I had lots of questions they had no answers for. Yet they would take my money and distribute it as they see fit, how do they know the right place to donate my money but the biblical answers they do not have. I soon put a stop to them fleecing me. I now knew I was in the wrong place, the worrying factor was the verse that says "My people perish for the lack of knowledge." That is both biblically true and materially. The two are linked through prayer.

This article is not within the scope of a total biblical explanation, which I do have and will publish in due time. At this time allow me to state that my research, or if you like my revelation, has put a whole new perspective on my Christian and home business life. For the first time I feel that I am successful in both facets of my life, my Spiritual life and my business life. I have discovered via biblical research on the internet how one should pray and be in the will of God.

I now know why so few prayers are ever answered, and it was not because I was outside of Christianity, no, simply because the happy clappy churches teachings are wrong and money centered. I am at peace with my prayer life and am making a good living from my internet home business in affiliate marketing. They go hand in hand as I am able to obey god's giving instructions which is to the widows, the poor and my spiritual tutor.

Take a discovery trip as I did and see your life change, there after God will lead you to the right teacher. It is the first time in my life that I understand why the book says that the road to heaven is narrow, my research to find direction for my future was both spiritually revealing and materially motivating.

The article says it all.Go and do it yourself and discover your new life.
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Is Christian Debt Consolidation Right For You?

Restore Your Financial Balance With Christian Debt ConsolidationBy []Arvind Singh
Christian debt consolidation service is meant for people in debt and unable to repay their loans due to job loss, increased medical expanses or any other factor that has resulted in high credit card usage or on account of other unsecured debts.
Christian debt-consolidation option facilitates repaying your debt at much lower monthly payments thus enabling you with a better cash flow for yourself each month. It is in fact not a loan and as such no home equity is required. One should try to make an effort to change the habits that incurred so much debt and always keep in mind that to consolidate credit card debt you were left with no other option than to transfer unsecured debts to debts secured by your home.
Christian debt-consolidation converts your all unsecured debts into one single payment per month thus enabling you to pay off your debt much faster. Many people simply do not have enough income to cover their basic living expenses, let alone their debt repayment. It is impossible to create a financial plan or budget when you credit payments are increasing each month. With a fixed credit payment each month, a realistic and low stress budget can be managed.
The Student debt consolidation loan, is a facility granted to students enabling them to pursue higher studies .The recovery of such loans are spread over a longer period of time that too at lower interest rates and can save you a good amount of money in getting you out of debt. The consolidation of loans in general has a positive impact on your credit score.
Christian debt consolidation lastly helps you to create a better tax advantage. The interest you pay on credit cards, car loans and other consumer debt is not tax deductible. However, the interest you pay on a Home Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit is tax deductible. So even if you are transferring credit card or other debt with low interest rates you certainly have tax benefit.
Free debt consolidation advice can be availed by people who accumulate debt because their income cannot support their life style. Such an advice may offer you with an option for Refinance debt consolidation. Consolidating debt into your mortgage saves you lot of money each month. More so you have to deal with a single lender instead of multiple lenders and is definitely a great relief. []Debt Consolidation World is an online informational resource center with articles providing in-depth knowledge about Debt Consolidation. Take care of finances with []Christian Debt Consolidation at lower rates.
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Christian Debt Relief Brings Transformation

Financial Transformation Through Christian Debt ReliefBy []Ted Batron
Many may think that Christian debt relief is a magic pill for overwhelming credit card debt when in fact these organizations will also employ most of the same options that other credible credit counselors and reputable debt relief agencies will use to help get a client out of debt. This is why; many debtors have been burned by dodgy agencies posing as Christian debt relief centers only to find out that the faith-based principles and assistance they seek are simply magical illusions propped by deceptive marketing.
True Christian debt relief will not make claims for a miraculous intervention for unsecured debt such as those owed from credit cards. Nevertheless, the miracle happens when those under a genuine Christian debt relief program transforms from a debt burdened and overspending complainant to someone who owns up to his or her obligations and dutifully settles them and from then on successfully manages their finances following true Christian stewardship teachings.
Following Biblical Principles
Unfortunately there are scores of scammers and hooligans who use the term "Christian" at will and at their own liberty. It is outright blasphemy and this has made the term Christian debt relief somewhat of a joke. Nevertheless, there are still legitimate Christian debt relief ministries that do provide free counseling and guidance to help debtors in distress get up from under their debts.
Quoting Bible verses is not the mark of a real Christian debt relief group. The Bible teaches about faith that works and truly Christian-principled debt help will result in meaningful efforts that lead to the reduction or elimination of debt without resorting to deception or illegal means. These debt relief programs are centered on Christian counseling, re-education as well as intensive budgeting and financial planning. This enriches the client to become good financial stewards even beyond the full repayment of the debt.
For Better, Not For Worse
With sham debt relief operations, clients are likely placed in more financial jeopardy than they already are. Unscrupulous debt management programs might reallocate your deposits for other purposes instead of repaying your credit card accounts. This would result not only in money lost but also to mounting fees and charges burying the debtor in worse debt than when he began.
In terms of costs, be wary of debt relief programs that ask for so called "voluntary contributions" from its clients. Others have hidden charges that cost an arm and a leg. Real Christian debt relief ministries are usually funded by church communities and similar non-profits to operate and rarely needs substantial fees. If at all, the fees will be marginal, even optional and should not deter Christian credit counselors from dispensing their mission and service to you.
True Christian debt relief services will help alleviate you from your burden of debt and will lead you to the way out of your slavery to debt and towards lasting financial transformation. Check your consumer protection groups and local churches to help you find a suitable Christian debt relief service in your community.
Christian debt relief is based in sound financial principles. The principles are test and honest and don't resort to deception or questionable tactics. Ted Batron is a well know financial expert who offers a free basic debt negotiation and settlement ecourse to help you get out of debt and get on with your life. Read more at Christian Debt Relief and
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Christian Consumer Credit Counseling

Are you struggling with your finances? No matter what you do you seem to end up circling the mountain of debt over and over again. Perhaps you need to gain a fresh insight into what you are doing. A Christian consumer credit counselor is a great resource.

A credit counselor can look at what you are doing objectively and provide you with the insight you need to make better financial choices to maximize your potential. Many people have been able to completely get out of debt after following the advice of a qualified counselor. Others have improved their credit score dramatically. What ever your financial needs or situation, a Christian Credit Counselor might be just what you need. I hope that they following article helps.

Christian Consumer Credit Counseling
By []Ken Marlborough

Christian consumer credit counseling agencies focus mainly on the debt management needs of Christian clients. They are the most appealing, valuable and short-term solutions to anyone who desires to secure a debt free future. They help you consolidate your debt, set up a repayment plan, and arrange to let you maintain tithing. Besides, the agencies provide spiritual counsels that you may require to help you get out of debt problems.

Consumer credit counseling services are one of the most important requirements of consumers these days, since unsecured debt continues to burden individuals and families. The unsecured conditions are mainly due to personal loans, unforeseen medical bills, huge credit card debts, and unplanned educational expenses.

According to economists, debt difficulties not only hurt the family institution, but also affect the national economy. Debt problems can be easily resolved with the assistance of a debt specialist. Consumer credit counseling normally offers debt management specialties through debt negotiation and debt consolidation methods. Their other services are financial education, implementing financial strategies, and personal investments and savings.

In recent years, the number of credit counseling services that specialize in serving Christian consumers has increased noticeably. They are usually non-profit agencies assisting the Christian communities in all their credit debt management interests. Both debtors and creditors use the services of these consulting agencies to settle a debt for less than what is owed. With a good consulting service, you can be debt free in a few years.

Each Christian consumer credit counseling agency has its specific debt relief programs permitting clients to select what is suitable for them. The programs are good for anyone interested in budgeting, debt relief, controlling spending, retirement, investing, mortgages, and education accounts for children. You can find many Christian consumer credit counseling programs throughout the Internet. []Consumer Credit provides detailed information on Consumer Credit, Consumer Credit Counseling, Consumer Credit Reports, Consumer Credit Unions and more. Consumer Credit is affiliated with []Non Profit Consumer Credit Counseling.

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Christian Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Christian Credit Card Debt Consolidation
By []Eric Morris

Christian credit card debt consolidation is a debt consolidation program for Christians. These programs are usually provided by, not-for-profit Christian associations, for their members who find themselves in unmanageable debts. Debt consolidation can help lower the monthly payments, freeing up more resources that can be used for other purposes. Christian credit card debt consolidation reduces the risk of a payment default, and thereby saves the credit rating of the borrower.

It is very common for people to use credit cards to pay for their everyday purchases as well as occasional expensive buys. People who have a good credit rating are considered eligible for credit by many credit card companies, as they are considered to be low risk. Therefore, to attract more customers and increase their customer base, these companies send credit card applications to such people with pre-approved credit card offers. Many such cardholders may find the whole process of debt management quite overwhelming. To help Christians who have also fallen in this trap, there are many Christian credit-counseling services available that can help them chalk out a plan to come out of debt.
While choosing a Christian credit card debt consolidation service, the debtor must do a check of their past cases to know their method of dealing with the issue. Christian credit counselors help to create a customized debt solution and also encourage members to stick to their debt resolution plans. This is because they have experience, dealing with people with bad credit or poor credit, and thus can decide which plan will suit the debtor the most. They can also suggest appropriate moneylenders who, may loan out money to such people who, are considered high-risk.

Therefore, with community help, it is possible for Christians to manage the credit card debts, even if they seem impossible to tackle. The first step is seeking the proper help - the rest will go from there. []Credit Card Debt Consolidation provides detailed information on Credit Card Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans, Debt Reduction Credit Card Consolidation, Credit Card Debt Consolidation Calculator and more. Credit Card Debt Consolidation is affiliated with []Free Debt and Bill Consolidation.

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Christian Grants

Christian Grants
By []Chad Bin Kimball

Are you looking for Christian grants but fear that you will have a hard time having your Christian grants proposal accepted in a secular society? Don't worry, there are ways to get the money your church, or Christian school needs. Many government grants accept faith based competition for funds allocated to serving the poor and at-risk populations. You can apply for federal and state money to help with the nutritional, housing, health and educational needs of your congregation and community.

A good resource for this is the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives. The Center was created by President Bush's Faith Based and Community Initiative in 2001, and is designed to help the federal government better collaborate with grassroots and nonprofit groups to reinforce and support the work they do. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sponsors a web page that features a compilation of HHS funding opportunities listed by topic and program office, with guidance on how organizations should apply.

But what if you are looking for money to sponsor specific religious goals (like evangelism, missions, pastor education, church building funds, bible translation, etc.)? In that case, your best bet for receiving a Christian grants is to go to private philanthropic organizations and foundations.

One of the biggest and best resources out there for Christian grants is the Lilly Endowment Inc.
Lilly Endowment Inc. is an Indianapolis based, private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 by three members of the Lilly family - J.K. Lilly Sr. and sons J.K. Jr. and Eli - through gifts of stock in their pharmaceutical business, Eli Lilly and Company.

The endowment gives Christian grants for efforts:

-to deepen and enrich the religious lives of American Christians, primarily though strengthening their churches;

-to support the recruitment and education of a new generation of talented ministers and other religious leaders;

-to encourage theological reflection and religious practices that cover the wisdom of our Christian tradition for our contemporary situation;

-to support scholars and educators who seek to help the American people better understand contemporary religion and the role it plays in our public and personal lives;

-and to strengthen the contributions that religious ideas, practices, values, and institutions make to the common good of our society.

Just a few examples of what the Lilly Endowment has funded are; worship training and mentoring at Christian colleges, Christian ethics studies and publications, and the national clergy renewal program.

The national clergy renewal program is a very unique Christian grants program indeed. In this program the Endowment provides as many as 120 grants of up to $45,000 each, directly to Christian congregations for the support of a renewal program for their pastor. A master of divinity degree is the minimum educational requirement to apply for this grant. Deadlines for proposals are generally in May, with announcements of recipients made in October.

In the words of the Endowment " renewal periods are not vacations but times for intentional exploration and reflection, for drinking again from God's life giving waters and for regaining the enthusiasm and creativity for ministry. .. When well-prepared, thoughtful, imaginative, able and caring pastors lead congregations, these communities of faith tend to thrive."

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